Working as a soundrecordist since 1993, I have my own gear and I am used to work with:

-Ambient sync
-Neumann mics
-Sanken mics
-Sennheiser mics
-Shure mics
-Sennheiser wireless
-Sound devices 302, 442, 552, 633, 664, 788, 833, pix 220, pix 240, pix 260, mixpre series
-Sqn mixers
-Tentacle sync
-Tram mics
-Wisycom wireless
-Yamaha mixers 01V96 series, DM1000 series

Sound is generally accepted is something what is "there".
Quality sound defines it selves as being added value to the finished film or video.
Clear, crisp and adding the right atmosphere.
From the comfort of a studio to recording in the off-shore, high up in the sky in a plane,
abroad, at music festivals...
In all these circumstances I feel at home to work in.

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